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Lowell – 35’s Tall Pre-Roll 10 Pk (2 Options)


Stargazer (Indica), Trailblazer (Sativa)


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Lowell is proud to introduce Lowell Infused 35’s. Our expert artisans blend the farm-fresh flower and high-quality concentrates together, ensuring a seamless fusion of flavors and aromas that will tantalize your senses. This translates to a richer, bolder smoke ready to take you to greater heights.


Every pack of Infused 35’s includes 10 Tall Smokes, each containing a perfect .35g of premium, whole flower blended with live sifted sauce. Our entire manufacturing process is fully automated – resulting in a completely redesigned pre-roll format that promises a superior roll, every time.

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Stargazer (Indica), Trailblazer (Sativa)