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Magic Truffle – Psilocybin Syrup 4g (6 options)


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4 Grams Psilocybin Mushroom Syrup

– Psilocybin Product Only! No THC


– To maximize experience, consume on an empty stomach.

– To determine your tolerance, begin with 30ml first. If no effects within 1 hour, then repeat with additional 30ml each hour until desired effects are achieved.

– Tread slow and enjoy the trip!


(Each 120ml bottle contains 4G psilocybin)

– Mild User: 30ml

– Medium User: 60-90ml

– Heavy User: 120ml

Wait 1 hour after consumption before consuming more. Do not exceed 6 pieces within a 2 hour time frame.


– Psychedelic Mushroom

– Sugar

– Corn Syrup

– Coconut Oil

– Natural Grape Flavor

– Food Coloring


Best stored in the refrigerator or in a cool dry place